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本文摘要:Yahoo secretly scanned millions of its users email accounts on behalf of the US government, according to a report.据一份报告表明,雅虎曾帮助美国政府对其数百万用户的邮件展开了扫瞄。

Yahoo secretly scanned millions of its users email accounts on behalf of the US government, according to a report.据一份报告表明,雅虎曾帮助美国政府对其数百万用户的邮件展开了扫瞄。Reuters news agency says the firm built special software last year to comply with a classified request.据路透社回应,雅虎去年研发了一款类似软件来符合分类拒绝。


Yahoo is a law abiding company, and complies with the laws of the United States, the tech firm said in a statement provided to the BBC.雅虎公司在一份获取给BBC的声明中说:“雅虎是一家守法公司,遵从美国的法律。”The allegation comes less than a fortnight after Yahoo said hackers had stolen data about many of its users.在这起指控之前将近两周的时候,雅虎曾多次声称黑客盗取了该公司许多用户的数据。Yahoo is in the process of being taken over by Verizon Communications in a $4.8bn (3.8bn pound) deal. The telecoms provider declined to comment on the report.雅虎正在被威瑞森通讯公司并购的过程中,据报该公司以48亿美元(约合38亿英镑)的价格并购了雅虎。

威瑞森通讯公司拒绝接受就这份报告公开发表评论。Reuters reports that the scans were requested by either the National Security Agency (NSA) or the FBI, according to three sources - two of whom it says were ex-Yahoo employees.据路透社报导,三名知情人士(其中两人以前是雅虎的员工)透漏称之为,扫瞄邮件是不受美国国家安全局或者联邦调查局的拒绝。The news agency says that the software scanned for a string of characters within all incoming emails, but adds that it was unable to determine what information was handed over or if other internet companies had received a similar demand.路透社回应,这款软件在所有写入的邮件里检索了一个字符串,但是该社也回应无法确认雅虎究竟接管了什么信息,也无法确认其他互联网公司否也接到了类似于的拒绝。


US law allows the countrys intelligence agencies to order the release of customer data that they believe could prevent a terrorist attack, among other reasons.美国法律容许该国情报机构在指出可以避免恐怖袭击或者其他原因的情况之下,命令企业发布客户的数据。Companies can challenge such orders behind closed doors in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.在“外国情报监控法庭”上,企业可以对这些命令驳回赞成。But Reuters reports that Yahoo decided not to fight the matter because it thought it would lose. It adds that some Yahoo employees were upset by that decision.但是据路透社报导,雅虎要求不赞成这件事,因为它告诉自己一定会赢。据报,当时雅虎一些员工对这一要求深感十分沮丧。

The whistleblower Edward Snowden, who previously revealed details about the USs cyber-spying efforts, has tweeted in response to the unverified allegations: Use @Yahoo? They secretly scanned everything you ever wrote... close your account today.斯诺登是此次雅虎事件指使人之一,他之前曾多次发布过关于美国专门从事网络间谍活动的详细信息,他在推特上对此这起仍未被证实的指控说道:“还在用雅虎?他们偷偷地扫瞄了你写出的所有东西,立刻吊销账号吧!。



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